Privacy Policy


1 – Data Protection Policy Purpose. 

The objective of the current Privacy Policy is allowing everybody to know compiled data about users used in this web page at the moment. As well as, these data uses must allow the users to be able to have information and control about these ones.

The user must be informed and must be able to decide about those aspects the user consider relevant about shared information in our web page.

2- Company Identification.

According to what’s disposed in Law 34/2002 of 11 of July of Information and Ecommerce Society Services, these terms and conditions regulate users use and access to web page, which owner is the mercantile society Bathforte S.L. with registered office in Plaza Alquería de la Culla, 4, floor 11, door 1102, Albufera Trade Center Building and ID number B41987747.

This company manufactures and commercializes home, kitchens and bathroom furniture.

3- Web’s Intellectual Property.

Web intellectual property and content rights belongs to Bathforte S.L. exclusively. Corresponding the company the exclusively right to use data exploitation exercise.

In this way, it is completely forbidden to transform entirely or partial its distribution, reproduction or public communication. As well as, complete web content is protected by law.

4- Use Regulation Acceptance.

Use regulation purpose is to regulate Bathforte S.L web use for those users who use web page services. These regulation use acceptance is done by the users by filling in a web registration, being in this way compromising itself to read and accept these regulations if the user wants to follow enjoying web page offers.

Bathforte S.L. will be able to modify or increase the current conditions, on condition that notifies the changes to the users, for these to read and accept them again for continue using web services.

Any declared invalid clause at the current contract it will be independent from the other ones, being applied the necessary measures for the invalidation, being accepted the other ones without precedent.

5- Objective.

Bathforte S.L. objective is providing services information or its products purchases commercialization through his webpage being in reach of those users who want to get them by accomplishing these conditions.

6- Uses Limit.

Bathforte S.L. offered services are being able to be used only by adults with full capacity to act, being Bathforte S.L. exempt of responsibilities if other parameters are given.

These clauses violation is sign of a wrong use of the present conditions and in this way Bathforte S.L responsibility is exempted.

7- Service.

Bathforte S.L. does online selling services of his products, which ones are perfectly referenced and distinguished. Its purchase conditions are reflected in the following conditions, using a safety way for credit card payments and being applying data protection law.

By these parameters, the company does not tell anybody about information related to the received data from users in the company web page.

In this way Bathforte S.L. reserves himself the right for creating his own datasheet base which one won’t be transmitted to third ones.

All the articles have their prices and the purchaser won’t be able to make mistakes in his purchase, because it will be always correctly informed and it will have clearly defined by the company the ways for acquiring the products.

8- Privacy Policy.

According to (UE) 2016/679 Regulations for Data Protection General Regulation (RGPD), which one became effective last 25 May of 2018, we inform that because of determined uses of our web page we require the users to provide us some personal data for do the necessary processes for doing well our services that have been required by the users.

These data will be required in a clear and meticulous way about information’s content demanded by the users, being in any case exposed in a public way and being able to be incorporated to Bathforte’s database sheet, which is owner and responsible of the same when it wants its incorporation to the same.

Data we require are adequate and pertinent, being in this way necessaries for the purpose they are picked for.

As the same way, users certify that all their provided data are true, verified and pertinent for the purpose we require them.

9- Safety.

Bathforte S.L. has the SSL guarantee (Secure Socket Layer), that ensures that none third one has access to user’s bank information.

Using a safety server it is transmitted encoded information by 256 bits algorithm.

Provided data by users for doing purchases will be always transmitted in a safety way to the banks servers being always verified by these ones for avoiding fraud and abuse.

10- Use of Cookies.

 The current cookies policy has as purpose to inform in a clear and meticulous way to the user about cookies that are used in Interior Ministry web.  

Cookies are little web page files put in users computer when you are on the internet.

As other web pages, Bathforte S.L. also use cookies for knowing in which way people use our services and for helping these services to work better.

Moreover, our services use these technologies for distributing, measure and improve our services in different ways.

Normally, these uses correspond to one of these categories:

  • ID and safety.
  • Preferences.
  • Statistics and research.
  • Customized content in any device.
  • Advertisement.

The user can block, restrain or remove cookies of the current web page or other one using its browser.

Bathforte S.L., accomplishes with Law Royal Decree 13/2012” of 30 March, Cookies Law.

11- Other Relevant Parameters.  

The company will provide the user any information this one wants to know through the available ways.

The user is able to contact the company through the provided ways given by the company as emails or telephones. You are able to contact the company in work hours.

Bathforte S.L. will solve any question the client wants to know, giving to this one anything the client want if the company is able to give it.

The rights and obligations from the parts are perfectly marked in current law, so it has to be respected by both.

In case of avoiding these aspects legal action will be taken by the corresponding part for solving the aspects told to lawyers.

Bathforte S.L. compromises itself to follow legal parameters and do not causing conflicts with users.

Bathforte S.L. is under legal Spanish Law accomplishing, so in case of conflict it will be solved in Spain by Spanish Court and Tribunals.


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